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Reservation process


Customers will typically find your listing by searching on Google for generic storage terms and then clicking on either SpareFoot or one of our partner sites. For more information about how customers find SpareFoot, check out this article.

SpareFoot shoppers tend to compare a few different units and facilities before deciding which option best fits their needs. This is why all of the previous steps we took to separate your listing from competitors is so important. Check out these best practice articles for more information about optimizing your listing in order to receive as many reservations as possible:

Once the customer has decided to reserve a unit at your facility, they can book directly through the website by entering their contact information.


If the customer has questions or needs help placing a reservation, they can also call the phone number listed on the web page to be connected with a customer service agent. Our agents are trained experts in customer service and selecting the best unit for these storage-seeking customers. You can trust that our team will take good care of these customers and give them a great introduction to you and your facility.

Customer expectations

  1. Current information: Everything advertised on your listing is accurate. That means your prices, promotions, hours and facility amenities are completely up to date!
  2. Free hold: Their reservation is free. We don't collect deposits, fees, credit card information or anything else on our website. Remember, the biggest players in the industry don't require deposits to reserve units online either, and we want to be sure to earn those customers for you! Please don't contact customers who have reserved with SpareFoot and ask them for a deposit to hold their unit, because that's not what they agreed to.
  3. Their unit is available: When you're notified of a new SpareFoot reservation, ensure that the unit will be available for them on their selected move-in day. When you speak with a customer prior to their move-in, ensure that they've selected the unit size they actually need, so you have the right one ready and waiting for them. We understand accidents happen though. If the unit the customer reserved isn’t available at their move-in, please do your best to accommodate them and make it right.
  4. You honor the price and promotion: We know your rent rates and promotions change frequently. However, if a customer reserves a unit on Monday and schedules their move-in date for Friday, be sure to honor whatever the customer locked in with us - even if those prices and promotions have changed.

Reservation notifications

No matter which way the customer chooses to book, once the reservation is placed we will notify you of the new reservation by email and also Tennant Connect.

Email notifications: Immediately after we send a customer reservation to your facility, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with the subject line, “Action Needed: New Customer from” encouraging you to follow-up by phone with the customer as soon as possible. These emails are sent to the users you checked “Reservation emails” for during step 8. If you have support staff that will be helping facilitate these move-ins, please make sure you have their email address set up properly in your account.

Tenant Connect service: We will send an automated call your way within 10 minutes of receiving a new reservation which will give you the option to immediately be connected to the customer over the phone. You can also chose to have Tenant Connect text alerts. Go back to step 6 of this guide if you need to make any changes to your Tennant Connect configuration.

Following up with customers

It's extremely important to call each SpareFoot customer right after they reserve a unit. In fact, facilities that follow up within the first 10 minutes are 25% more likely to turn those reservations into tenants. The average length of a follow-up call is under two minutes and can be all that's needed to turn a hesitant prospect into a guaranteed tenant.

These calls are an opportunity for you to establish a personal connection with the customer, answer any questions they may have, ensure they've selected the right size unit, let them know what to expect on move-in day and most importantly, reassure them that they have picked the right facility!

We created a follow up call checklist with some helpful pointers about what to cover on these calls.

If you are not able to reach a customer by phone, try sending an email. Storage seekers are often in the middle of a life change and they may be difficult to reach via phone. If you’re not sure what to say in a follow up email, we’ve created a template to get your started!

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions about reservations.

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