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How do I let SpareFoot know which customers moved in?

SpareFoot is pay-for-performance, meaning that we only charge you for the customers we send you that move in. Your monthly billing is 100% dependent on the way that your statement is reconciled in your MySpareFoot account. You have from the first of the month through the tenth of the month to reconcile your statement. We will then close the statement and bill your account on the eleventh.

SpareFoot sends four emails each month to remind you about reconciliation:

  • As soon as the statement opens, we'll send an email with the subject "Action Needed: Review [MONTH] Charges"
  • Provided you haven't already made changes to your open statement, we'll shoot you two additional reminder emails on the third and the sixth with the subject "Action Needed: Pending Charges Require Immediate Review"
  • Provided your statement has not yet been reconciled, we'll send a final reminder on the last day of the statement period with the subject "URGENT: Last Day To Review Your Pending Charges"

You can access your statement through the link in one of these emails or by logging into your MySpareFoot account during the reconciliation period and navigating to the Statements page.

Check out this video tutorial about how to reconcile your statement for all of the details:


Move-in Affirmation emails

The day after a customer’s scheduled move-in, we’ll send you an email asking if they moved in. It is important to note that your responses to this email will make a note on your statement but will not adjust what you are charged. We will show all customers on your monthly SpareFoot statement, regardless of your response to the email. This is so you can edit all your reservations during reconciliation to let us know the final status of customers with move-in dates during the previous month. For more information about these emails, check out this article.


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