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Step 1: Add units


One of the most important parts of creating your SpareFoot listing is adding your units. This is how you let customers know what units are available at your facility, as well as the amenities, features and the pricing of each. All of these details are of the utmost importance to customers, so it's important that you not only create an accurate representation of your inventory but that it's also kept up to date after your listing is live.

First, log into your MySpareFoot account at

Then, navigate to the "Features" page.


Click the "Add Unit" button in the upper right-hand corner.  

One unit in MySpareFoot represents many units of the same type

One unit in your MySpareFoot account represents one group of identical units at your facility. While working within MySpareFoot, you will hear this concept referred to as a Unit Group. For example, let's say you have 50 5' x 10' climate-controlled units at your facility, 25 of which are located on the first floor, and 25 of which are located on the second floor. To represent these two groups of units, you'd add two 5' x 10' climate-controlled units in your MySpareFoot account - one located on the first floor, and one located on the second.

Adding multiple unit groups that are the same size but have differences in amenities or location will give customers more options which will in turn help increase your reservation rate! These additional unit details will help customers understand why units of the same size may be priced differently and help them make an informed decision based on their needs. We will talk more about ranking later, but it’s good for you to know that having as many unit groups available as possible will influence your ranking positively in search results. Make sure to add all of your available unit groups now!


Specify the unit's price, dimensions, unit type and amenities.


Click here for more information about each of the amenities available.


In the Standard Rate field, enter the price of your unit. Since SpareFoot's fee is based on the rate that's listed here, it's important that you do not include taxes or any other fees when entering your rate. You can save your rate by clicking the green check mark to confirm.


Keep your prices current

Facilities that regularly update their listings tend to receive a lot more SpareFoot reservations than those who don't, so be sure to review your unit inventory routinely and make sure it's correct! This is especially true for pricing, which is often the biggest deciding factor in a customer's choice of facility. No one wins when a customer reserves a unit for an outdated price; your facility may lose revenue, the customer may lose faith in your business, and SpareFoot's credibility may be undermined. That's why it's important to update your MySpareFoot account regularly to reflect your current pricing.

Remember, SpareFoot has no way of knowing your unit prices unless you make the necessary updates to your account.


Reservation window

Leave this blank for now, we’ll explain more in the next step.


Once you've finished filling out the unit details, click the blue Save at the bottom of the screen!

Continue adding as many unit groups as you have different types of units at your facility.



The units that you just added will default to “Visible” which means that they will be available for a customer to make a reservation once your listing is live. To prevent SpareFoot customers from booking any unavailable units at your facility, simply toggle “Visible” on your listing. The button will turn grey to indicate that the unit group will not be shown on your SpareFoot listing.



Units that have been toggled off will not be visible to shoppers on our website, which means you never run the risk of a customer booking a unit that is not available for them.

If you leave any units off for now, just remember to switch on the unit group when your availability opens up so that the units will be visible to shoppers. Remember, advertising all of your available units of varying sizes and amenities is beneficial to your ranking on SpareFoot!

In order to be sure their inventory is always accurate, many facilities choose to set a recurring calendar reminder on their personal computers to log in to MySpareFoot and review their inventory each week. Whatever method you choose to keep on top of this important task, remember that accurate information will create the best possible experience for all parties involved - for your business, for SpareFoot, and most importantly, for our mutual customers.


That’s it! Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or need help adding units.

Next Step: Add promotions and discounts

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