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Step 7: Set a reservation window


A reservation window is the number of days in advance that you are willing to hold a unit for a SpareFoot customer. For example, if you set the reservation window to 30 days, a customer shopping on SpareFoot will be able to place a reservation with a move-in date up to 30 days from today.

In order to set your reservation window, first make sure that you are on the Features page in your MySpareFoot account:


Select a reservation window that will apply to all units at your facility by clicking the dropdown menu under your facility information.


Here are some helpful guidelines for setting your reservation window:

  • 7-14 day windows make sense for facilities at extremely high (98%+) occupancy
  • 21 days windows make sense for facilities at high occupancy
  • 30 day windows make sense for facilities at typical occupancy
  • 60 day windows make sense for facilities at low occupancy (less than 85%)

We recommend setting at least a 30 day reservation window unless you are very highly occupied and avoiding a reservation window less than 14 days which can limit your ability to receive reservations.


Unit level overrides

Based on those guidelines, it may make sense to set unit level reservation windows for some of your unit groups. This way you can set longer or shorter windows if you have certain unit that are at an extremely high or low occupancy.

If you would like to set a unit level reservation window, click the drop down menu under Reservation Window for the individual unit group and select a number of days that you would be willing to hold that unit for a customer.



That’s it! Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or need help with reservation windows.

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