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SpareFoot Customer Journey


1. Customers arrive at or one our partner sites

SpareFoot is a huge network that reaches customers looking for storage in two major ways:

Search engines: Our in-house team of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts optimize SpareFoot's performance in search engines to perform well for generic search terms (like "self-storage," "Austin storage units," or "Brooklyn self-storage"). We never bid on specific search terms such as facility names. We take the monetary risk up front in order to get your facility in front of as many customers as possible.

Our 60+ partners: These include Penske Truck Rental, MyMove, and many, many more.. We cross-sell storage to customers who are already looking for trucks, apartments, shipping and other moving services. This is because customers often don’t know they’re going to need storage until they’re going through a life changing event. We want to make sure SpareFoot is top of mind when that happens.

Learn more about how customers find SpareFoot here.


2. They view facility search results and compare options

When a customer lands on any of our websites, we show them a list of storage options. Listings on are ranked based on our default algorithm. Customers also have the opportunity to filter those results based on unit size, amenities, price, reviews and distance.


3. They click on your listing

If the customer sees your listing in those results and is interested in learning more about your facility, they will click on your listing to view more details. Want to learn more about increasing the number of clicks your listing receives? Check out this article for tips and best practices.


4. They make a reservation

If the customer feels that your facility will be a good fit for their needs, they can reserve one of your units directly on your facility page or by phone. All phone numbers on our listings ring into our call center. If the customer calls one of those numbers, they will be connected with one of our agents who will help them compare options and select the best unit to fit their needs. Customers can’t call you directly until after they reserve a unit, so it’s critical that your listing information is 100% accurate.


5. You get notified of the reservation

When a customer reserves one of your units, we send you an email with the subject, “URGENT: New customer from!”

Ten minutes after the reservation is made, we’ll also place an automated call to your facility from our number (855) 427-8193. You’ll be prompted to connect directly with the customer. This follow-up call is the best way to ensure they move in. In fact, facilities that follow up within the first 10 minutes are 25% more likely to turn those reservations into tenants. Click here to learn more about tenant connect calls.


6. The customer moves in

The customer arrives at your facility and moves into the unit! Keep in mind that when you speak to the customer, they might reference placing the reservation on either SpareFoot,, or one of our other partner sites.

The customer can make a change to their reservation at any point through the customer portal linked in their confirmation email or by contacting our customer support team. Check out this article for more information about customer support.

If your SpareFoot account is integrated with either storEDGE or SiteLink Web Edition, you can link directly to your online move-in experience from your facility listing page on and the customer’s SpareFoot reservation confirmation page. Read more about online move-ins in our article: How SpareFoot can help your tenants move in online.


Who are SpareFoot customers?

Over our years of testing, optimizing, interviewing and surveying, we’ve learned that customers from SpareFoot tend to be some combination of these personas:

  • The Shopper- Plans and researches their storage needs ahead of time.
  • The Rusher - Rushes to find storage and doesn’t have time to make phone calls or drive around.
  • The Independent - Feels confident making a storage decision based on what they see online.
  • The Caller - Researches storage online but prefers to talk to our call center before reserving.

What do they all have in common?

They demand clarity and transparency in their storage search. Many are new to using storage, and want to learn everything about your facility online. The reality when they arrive has to meet the expectation set online. In fact, from customer surveys, we know inaccurate listing details and unit availability is a top reason customers don’t move in after placing a reservation, so it’s important your SpareFoot listing reflects your current offering.

Customers also care about security features that make them feel safe, reviews that show others had a good experience, and a follow-up call so they can speak directly to the manager after reserving. It’s all about reassuring the customer they will get great service.