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How Can I Let Customers Know That My Facility Provides Contactless Move-Ins?


One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness is to practice social distancing, which is the act of deliberately increasing the physical space between people. The CDC recommends maintaining six feet of physical space between individuals to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In order to meet these guidelines, many storage operators are implementing a contactless move-in experience to keep their employees and customers safe. 

SpareFoot offers a Contactless Move-in badge to promote facilities that provide a move-in process consistent with social distancing recommendations and local guidelines. SpareFoot customers are online shoppers who are inherently more likely to want to complete their reservation and move-in process remotely. Adding the badge to your listing is a great opportunity to attract these customers who are seeking a contactless experience now more than ever due to the pandemic. 


What does the badge look like?

When customers search on SpareFoot, they will see the badge on facility listings to indicate which locations offer contactless move-ins.  contactless_facility_card.png


How can I get the badge on my listing?

Log into your MySpareFoot account and navigate to the Move-Ins page.


Your facility must meet the following criteria in order to receive the badge:

  • Acquire detailed contact information from the customer without physical human contact.
  • Send the lease to the customer without physical human contact.
  • Allow the customer to sign and return the lease without physical human contact.
  • Accept payment from the customer without physical human contact.
  • Provide access to the customer without physical human contact.

Check the box for each option that is offered at your facility.

Note: You must meet all five Contactless Move-In criteria in order to receive the badge


Once you have checked all five boxes, you will see a list of the facilities on your account. Check the box for each facility that meets the requirements to receive the badge and then click Update Listings. 


The badge will appear on your SpareFoot listing within 15-30 minutes. 


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