Storable Marketplace Help

If your facility is affected by Hurricane Beryl, please call us at 888.403.0665 for help updating your Storable settings. Stay safe!

Bulk Bidding (OneTime Pricing)


Your bid amount determines the price you pay for each SpareFoot customer who moves into a unit. Additionally, your bid factors into where your facility ranks on our site. For more information about facility ranking, check out our help center article: How does SpareFoot rank/order facilities in search results?. Adjustments to individual facility bids can be made by using the Bidding Tool found in MySpareFoot. 

The Bulk Bidding tool allows you to quickly and easily change bids across multiple facilities at once. 

1. Navigate to the Bidding page in MySpareFoot.


2. Download or create a spreadsheet for the bids you would like to update.

We recommend downloading your Bidding Opportunities Export from the Facility Bidding tab as a starting point. You will see buttons at the bottom of the Bidding page labeled Export by Zip and Export by City. Click either of those to download a .csv. export_2.png


You can also create a new spreadsheet in either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You will need your facility ID numbers, which are included in the Bidding Opportunity file. 

The final spreadsheet that you will upload should only have two columns labeled facility_id and bid. If you have downloaded the Bidding Opportunity file, you will see those values in columns C and Q. You can delete all other columns prior to uploading the spreadsheet if you wish. Please be sure that the columns are labeled with headers exactly in that format. Our system will not be able to process the request if the spreadsheet is not formatted correctly. 

In the bid column, enter the new bid for each facility. 

When entering bid values, keep the following in mind: 

  • If a bid entered on the spreadsheet is lower than your minimum bid, we will adjust the bid to match your minimum bid. 
  • If a bid entered is higher than 10, we will adjust the bid to be 10.
  • Bids can only be adjusted in increments of .05, so if a bid entered has more than 2 decimal places, we will round up to the next decimal place
  • If a cell is left blank, your bid will remain unchanged. 

Your spreadsheet should look like this:



3. Once you have made all needed updates, save the spreadsheet as a .csv. Our system is only able to upload the information as a .csv, so this is an important step. 



4. Click on the Bulk Bidding tab.bulk_bidding.jpg


5. Click the button labeled Upload Bulk Bids and follow the prompts to upload your spreadsheet. upload_bulk_bids.png

Once your file is uploaded, you will receive a confirmation message. Please Note: It will take about 15 minutes for your bids to be updated and effect facility ranking. 



If, when you click Upload Bulk Bids, you are not able to select the file you saved, you may not have saved the spreadsheet in the correct format. Be sure that you have saved the file as a .csv.

If you receive an error message as shown below, one of the following may be causing it:

  • There is an Invalid facility ID included in the spreadsheet.
  • There are Incorrect headers used for the two important columns (you must use facility_id and bid).
  • You are not an Admin user. Only Admins are able to update bids.