Storable Marketplace Help

If your facility is affected by Hurricane Beryl, please call us at 888.403.0665 for help updating your Storable settings. Stay safe!

We want your feedback!


The Storable Product team is striving more than ever to be in regular contact with our customers. We want to hear straight from you whether the product changes we are considering will meet your needs. 

When you become a feedback partner, we’ll reach out to you for your opinion. Sometimes that will be in the form of a quick survey. Other times we might ask you to join a call so that we can have a conversation to better understand your business and needs. There may also be times that you get a sneak peek of what we’re planning so that you can let us know if the ideas we’re considering will work for you. 

Don’t worry, if you add your name to this list you will always have the choice to pass on individual feedback requests or opt out of the program at any time. Click the link below to let us know that you would like to participate in this opportunity.