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Easy Storage Solutions - Your Unit Information


⚠️ This article is a resource for all clients taking advantage of the free integration between Easy Storage Solutions and SpareFoot.

Some unit information shown on your SpareFoot listing is set in Easy Storage Solutions and will sync to your listing automatically. Some information cannot be synced from your software and needs to be set in MySpareFoot. Read on to see where each piece of information comes from, as well as how to make changes.

Where does unit data come from?

Data that comes from Easy Storage Solutions

You'll notice that some unit information cannot be edited on the Features page in MySpareFoot. These details are pulled automatically from your software and must be correctly labeled in Easy Storage Solutions for them to sync currently.

Unit number

This information is pulled from the unit Name field in your software.


A unit will show as available on your SpareFoot listing unless it has one of the following statuses in your software:

  • Auction
  • Late
  • Rented
  • Pending
  • Moving Out
  • Reserved
  • Unavailable


The Regular Rate of each unit will automatically sync to your SpareFoot listing. Discounts and promotions must be set in MySpareFoot. More information about how to set promotions is in the next section.


We will sync the Width, Length, and Height of each unit from your software automatically. 


Data that needs to be added in MySpareFoot

The following unit details will need to be added or edited in your MySpareFoot account. From the Features page, click Edit for the unit group you would like to add details to.



Space Type

Choose the Space Type that best describes the space you're marketing. The amenity options available will vary slightly depending on which type you select. Some of the fields in the following sections may be greyed out and unavailable for selection. 

  • Self-Storage Unit: Traditional self-storage space with a ceiling height of eight feet or more.
  • Parking Space: A space that accommodates only vehicle storage; may be indoor or outdoor, covered or uncovered. 
  • Office Space/Warehouse: A space where lessees may conduct business. These units typically have power outlets, climate control and other amenities that make it habitable for work purposes. 
  • Wine Storage: A space specifically designed and optimized for wine storage. These spaces are usually highly climate-regulated to ensure proper storage of various wines.
  • Locker: A self-storage unit with a ceiling height of eight feet or lower; typically four feet. These spaces may be stacked on top of one or more other lockers. 

SpareFoot Price

A SpareFoot Price is a long term discounted rate that you will honor for at least 6 months. If desired, enter the discounted rate for the unit in the SpareFoot Price field (not the dollar amount of the discount). In the example below, you’ll see that the Regular Price of the unit is $50 and the SpareFoot Price is $42. 


If you enter a SpareFoot Price, both the Regular Price and the SpareFoot price will be shown on your listing with a strikethrough on the Regular Price.  


Promotions and discounts are not automatically synced from your software. You can find instructions to add, change, and remove promotions in our article: Managing Your Non-Integrated Promotions.


Check the appropriate boxes if any of the following amenities are included in the units:

  • Power Outlet
  • Alarm
  • Light in Unit
  • Shelves in Unit

Heating & Cooling

If the unit has heating, cooling, or humidity control, select the most applicable option or as many as apply. Climate protection is one of the most important amenities in a customer's storage selection, so it's important to be specific! Here's a summary of the available types:

  • Climate Control: The climate is maintained year-round so that the temperature never dips below or rises above set thresholds. 
  • Humidity Control: The humidity in and around the unit is controlled but the temperature may not be. This option may be supplemental to Climate Control.
  • Air Cooled: The space is cooled to ensure the temperature does not reach extreme highs but does not provide climate protection against extreme lows.
  • Heated: The space is heated to ensure the temperature does not reach extreme lows but does not provide climate protection against extreme highs.


Self-storage units come in a wide variety of access configurations. This field includes lots of options to ensure prospective customers know exactly what they're getting! 

  • Stacked Space: A unit that is "stacked" beneath or above another unit. This option typically refers to lockers and other non-traditional unit sizes.
  • Underground Level: A space that is located in a basement or below ground. Select this option for all units located below the ground floor of your facility.
  • Parking Warehouse: A space located in a large garage or warehouse specifically intended for parking.
  • Pull-Thru: A unit or space that is accessible from both sides. This includes units with two doors, and parking spaces that customers can actually "pull through" on either end.
  • How do tenants get to this unit? Select whether the unit is accessible from an indoor hallway or if customers can access the unit from the outside.

Door Type

Some customers have specific needs that require either a roll-up or swing door. Use this field to specify which of these door types best describes your unit's configuration. If the space does not have a door, select None.

Lot Type

If you selected Parking Space as the unit type, select one of the following lot types:

  • Gravel
  • Grass
  • Asphalt
  • Other

Floor number

Enter the floor number where the unit is located. 


    • ADA accessible: Select this option if the units are accessible for disabled tenants.
    • Premium location: Use this option to differentiate units that are priced higher than others of the same size because of their location. For example, units that are next to the facility's main office or a freight elevator.
  • Covered: If you have selected Parking Space as the unit type, select whether the space is covered. 
  • Uncovered: If you have selected Parking Space as the unit type, select whether the space is uncovered. 

Reservation Window

A reservation window is the number of days in advance that you allow customers on SpareFoot to reserve units at your facility. You can find instructions to set or change your reservation window in our article:  Integrated Accounts: Setting your Reservation window. 


Adding new units

New units created in your software will be automatically added to your MySpareFoot account as interior units. If you create new units, make sure to change the unit type if necessary and add the details listed above in your MySpareFoot account.