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AAA Discounts & Rewards Program ending


We will be ending the AAA Discounts & Rewards program on February 15, 2022. If you are currently enrolled in the program, the AAA promotion will no longer be included on your SpareFoot listings after February 15th and the option to opt-in will be removed from MySpareFoot. We will be removing the AAA branding from our partner sites over the following weeks.

Please read on for answers to common questions about the program ending. 

Why is the AAA Discounts & Rewards Program ending?

The AAA Discounts & Rewards program has been successful in increasing exposure for participating operators and driving reservations to those clients. However, we’ve gotten feedback from our clients over the years that they prefer to offer their own promotions. 

We want to give control back to you to offer and maintain your own discounts and promotions. This should simplify your operations while allowing you the flexibility to offer promos that work best for your business.

How do I add promotions to my SpareFoot listing?

Should I update my custom promotions?

If your account is integrated and you refer to the AAA promotion in custom promo text, please make sure to remove AAA language in MySpareFoot or in your software prior to February 15, 2022. 

What should I do if I have pending AAA reservations?

Any AAA reservations you received before Mar 31, 2022 should be honored by giving the customer their first month free. We’ll continue to give those customers $20 Amazon gift cards if they move in.