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Easy Storage Solutions: How Do I Find SpareFoot Reservations in My Software?


⚠️ This article is a resource for all clients taking advantage of the free integration between Easy Storage Solutions and SpareFoot.


When a customer places a SpareFoot reservation at your facility, their reservation will automatically appear in your Easy Storage Solutions (ESS) software. We send the tenant’s name, unit, email address, phone number, move-in date, reservation date, promotions, and Marketplace Rate (when applicable). You will see SpareFoot reservations on your ESS Dashboard tasks list and in the Marketplace Reservations section. We recommend managing your SpareFoot reservations from Marketplace Reservations in order to make any necessary changes to the reservation. 

Marketplace Reservations

Select Marketplace Reservations from the Customers dropdown menu.


This page includes the following information for each reservation: 

  • Unit
  • Unit Type
  • Reservation Date: The date the customer placed the reservation
  • Contact: The customer’s name, phone number, and email address
  • Requested Move-in Date
  • Expires in: The number of days after the move-in date that the reservation will expire. This can be set by selecting SpareFoot from the Setup dropdown menu. Please note: any changes to reservation expiration will only apply to reservations placed after the change is made. 



Edit the reservation

If you need to update the unit type or unit number the customer will be moving into, click view/edit.


Make any needed changes and click Update Marketplace Reservation


Complete the reservation

Once you’ve made any necessary updates to the reservation and you’re ready to move the tenant in, click Complete from the Marketplace Reservations page. 


You can update the tenant’s contact information and set up login information for the tenant’s account from the next screen if you would like. 


On the next screen, you can update the tenant’s billing information, promotions, fees, etc. Click Rent Now when you are done. 


You’ll be taken to the tenant’s profile. Click Approve to complete the move-in. 


What happens if the customer changes or cancels their reservation?

When customers make changes to their contact information or move-in date through SpareFoot, those changes will be reflected in ESS.

If a customer cancels their SpareFoot reservation, an exclamation point icon will appear next to their reservation on the Marketplace Reservations page:


The reservation will not be automatically canceled in ESS. To remove a canceled reservation from your software, click view/edit from the Marketplace Reservations page and click Confirm Cancelation. .


The unit the tenant had reserved will become available on SpareFoot again after the next hourly sync.